Jul 13, 2017

Click'd by Tamara Ireland Stone

Allie designs an app at code camp to help people find friends. It sounds great and everyone is excited about it. But does liking the same kind of cookie, or vacation spot really mean you should be friends? This book looks at friendship and brings up questions that students will really relate to. I like the use of profile pictures in the book and I think kids will too. I think many 4th grade studnets and older would really enjoy this book. Check it out!

Jun 28, 2017

Connecting with Educators

I have tried for the past few years to attend the ISTE convention. ISTE stands for International Society for Technology in Education. This year the convention was held in San Antonio and once again I was unable to find the funds to attend. However, this time I discovered (thru Twitter) a wonderful alternative -the Google #notatISTE17 group. 

 I have spent the last three days connecting with educators who are also NOT at ISTE this year and it has been quite a learning experience. Connecting with the #notatISTE17 group has pushed me to reach a bit beyond my comfort zone in a few areas. I played around in Google Draw and created my own notatISTE17 badge and ribbons. I have played with Google Draw before, but I learned a few more techniques. The challenge/Leader Board pushed me to connect and reach out with different forms of social media. Trying to gain more points for the challenges, I found myself watching a few Periscope shares from ISTE17 and posting my picture on Twitter asking for selfies from attendees at ISTE (yikes!). Also, I am finally transforming my classroom blog over into one where I am blogging about my own teaching/learning journey thanks to challenges from the #notatISTE17 group (thank you!).

I was unable to attend ISTE this year, but thanks to Twitter, I connected to a fabulous group of educators and walked away with great resources and new ideas. (Ok, no swag, but I am holding out hope for a really great door prize!)

Dec 5, 2016

Hour of Code

SO happy to start Hour of Code this week! We will be coding every day in class using the code.org website. Enjoy this inspirational video about coding...

Aug 15, 2016

Wouldn't this be great to do at our school? What do you hope for this year?

Jun 21, 2016

Book a Day Book #1 Tiger Rising

I have one week of vacation between the end of school (and professional development) and the start of summer school. I have decided to read a book a day during my break, and even possible continue my reading during the month of summer school. It gives me a good excuse to occupy the hammock in the garden! Book #1 I finished was 'The Tiger Rising,' by Kate DiCamillo. I have to admit, this is not my favorite DiCamillo book, but it is a touching story.

The main character, Rob Horton, is an outcast at school- picked on by bullies, lonely, unable to stand up for himself. He and his father live in the Kentucky Star Hotel in Florida. His mother has recently died, and both he and his father have not really begun to deal with their grief. One day, Rob stumbles upon a tiger locked in a cage in the forest behind the motel. He is fascinated by it. He befriends a new girl named Sistine, who is also a loner and in need of friendship. The two decide what to do about the tiger, with the help of Willie May, a maid at the hotel.

I love the characters in this book. They definitely remind me of the people in my favorite DiCamillo book, 'Winn Dixie.' Rob and Sistine are lonely and heartbroken but their coming together helps them move through their troubles towards healing. The tiger does not fill the same role as the dog Winn Dixie does. Winn Dixie gives the story laughter and love, but the tiger is a ferocious animal, trapped, pacing in his cage. I wanted to like the tiger just as I loved Winn Dixie, but I didn't. Maybe that is what is missing for me in this story.

'The Tiger Rising,' is a quick read, and reads more like a short story. I recommend the book, but if you haven't read 'Winn Dixie,' read that one first!!